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Beautiful audio captures the imagination as much as (if not more than) the moving image. So, when we combine the two, magic really happens.

As an audio production company, our focus is on setting the tone of your audio, no matter how big or small your budget. But - being the airaphon team that we are, you'll feel assured that we'll bring innovation, reliability, first-class experience, and quality to the table (we'll let both our shortform and longform portfolios do the talking). 

Browse our website and showreel (sound on!), and when you feel ready, get in touch with our bookings team to find out how we can help your project evolve.



Audio on!

You're going to want to hear this!

Studio Services

Voiceover Recording


Short Form mixing

Longform Mixing

Sound Design

Audio Branding

5.1 Mixing

3D / Immersive audio mixing

Remote Services

Voiceover Recording



ISDN Interviews

Remote mix

Source Connect





bbc logo. The BBC are clients of airaphon. UK based sound production.
Client logo for Like a Shot. Sound design in UK
Discovery channel logo. Clients for post production and sound design in London, South East England.
Sony Music logo. Clients of airaphon post production and sound engineers in the UK
The Big Idea Logo. A client of airaphon audio production and mixing (UK)
Universal Music. Sound design contractors in England, UK.
Procter and Gamble logo. Sound engineers and post production services.
UKTV sound engineer and post production services in London, UK
South Short Logo. Clients of airaphon.
airaphon logo. UK based sound design and audio mixing.
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